118 Reasons why you should spring clean this coming month?

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On April 6th we launched our NEW distanced furniture removal service to collect donated household goods. A big thank you to the 179 homes in Toronto and neighbouring cities! Your response to our Spring Clean with Furniture Bank has been humbling and inspiring with more than 2230 items of furniture in April!

Kitchen Tables
Good Sofas
Houseware Boxes

Your gifts of furniture supported 118 families in April

So far this month 179 households and businesses funded the COVID-19 Relief Fund booking a DISTANCED PICKUP! These heroes supported 118 families in need and retained 43 jobs at Furniture Bank, at a time when approximately 70% of charities are closing their doors. 

Why furniture removal can't be free?

Our paid furniture removal service is the primary means for covering the costs of compliance with the new Covid-19 safety directives, sorting, cleaning, restoring and safely distributing furniture in our communities.  Many other charities in this city and across the country have closed their doors and their communities are left in distress as their operating models haven’t adapted to Covid-19 yet.

There is confusion between paid services (for pick up) and free services that causes a lot of confusion and we want to reinforce why furniture removal can’t be free.  We understand that the world of charities is confusing to people who do not work in it directly. Most organizations offer free pickup as they immediately sell them back to the community to pay for their charity. Furniture Bank takes your gifts of furniture and home goods and redistributes them to families in need. 

This is the heart of why we charge –  we don’t sell your furniture to fund ourselves – your furniture is gifted.

Over the past decade, private funding and government funding for charities have been declining in amount and consistency. Operating our social enterprise and charging for paid furniture removal, Furniture Bank has been able to not only stay in operation but serve more than 3x the families annually we did before our social enterprise.

So does anyone offer free furniture removal?

If you cannot afford paid furniture removal, we understand, but we cannot put your loved possessions to use.  Depending on your municipality you can junk your furniture and have free curbside bulky waste collection.  There is still one charity that may take your high-value furniture and that is Habitat for Humanity who needs great items to sell to fund their own charitable work their donation form is here.

Furniture Bank vs Junk Removal?

The costs are pretty similar but the outcome is worlds apart. Furniture Bank’s SOCIAL ENTERPRISE is price competitive to junk removal offerings in Toronto but has a many added bonuses compared to other options.

  • You DON’T pay tax on our service…
  • You receive upfront pricing, NO SURPRISES…
  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for your donated items…
  • You keep your furniture items out of landfill…
  • You help thousands of families in need provide FREE furniture to setup a home. 
  • You can do this from a SAFE Distance today!

SOUNDS LIKE an EASY CHOICE to make to me. 

Still not convinced?

Want to learn more?
Let’s connect and collaborate on a solution that works for both you and the charity!  Email me here!

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