7 Hours of Collecting Donated Furniture

Another day, another truck full of donated furniture to redistribute to the formerly homeless, women and children escaping abuse and newcomers to Canada.

Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Why was today different from the rest?

Our Communications and Fundraising Coordinator (yes, I’m talking in the 3rd person) documented today’s donation action and got a much needed workout helping move furniture from donor’s home onto the Furniture Bank truck.

Yes, I’m still sweating while typing.

Here’s a run down from the day:

8:00 AM

10:00 AM

  • First furniture pick up of the day complete!
  • This generous couple donated a dresser, dresser with a mirror and a headboard. Our dispatch sheet warned us that these items would be “heavy.” But with Miro’s savvy moving experience, it was no sweat!
  • John, the donor was awesome and even agreed to take a photo with us once the pickup was completed.

 12:30 PM

  • We arrived at our 2nd furniture donation destination.
  • We picked up 2 armchairs, a queen bed frame, a sofa, and a large table and shelf.
  • This donor was moving out of her condo and wanted to give her furniture new life in a new home!

1:30 PM

  • We saved the best for last!
  • Our last furniture donation of the day included: a night table, bar fridge, TV stand, chairs, dresser, office desk, single mattress, single box spring, double bed and stools!
  • When I asked Lisa (donor) how she heard about the Furniture Bank, she responded:
  • “I found out about Furniture Bank when your truck was in the neighbourhood making a donation.”  Got to love that!

3:00 PM

  • Day has come to an end… Check out all the awesome furniture donations we picked up!
  • Now Miro’s tired and ready for a well deserved good night’s sleep 🙂
  • Thanks for taking me along!

Working with Miro moving furniture, interacting with furniture donors and just the simple act of riding shotgun on the truck connected me with a part of Furniture Bank’s mission that I never experienced before today.

I’m so fortunate to be working for an organization that empowers lives each and everyday!

Here are the exciting tweets from the day:

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