A retired educator, Anne Georgas has been volunteering in client services since November 2017.

Below she shares why she joined the ‘family’, and what brings her back every week.

In researching organizations to support through volunteering, Furniture Bank quickly rose to the top of my list.  Initially, the Furniture Bank was recommended to me by a friend and longtime volunteer. In conversations with staff at Furniture Bank and with friends, I realized that this was an opportunity to help those in need, in a caring supportive environment. The sense of community amongst the volunteers and employees was clear, strong and very inviting to a ‘newbie’. The reason I have stayed as a volunteer goes beyond my reasons for joining.


Through the Furniture Bank, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet, and have a conversation with those in our community that would otherwise be strangers or perhaps invisible to me. The 40-minute window I have with each client has provided me with insight, understanding, and knowledge of people, and the challenges faced by society.


In short, Furniture Bank clients have influenced my perception of our community, and how I see the world beyond my doorstep. Where else can this magic happen?

If you’d like to join Anne and our amazing family of volunteers, please drop us a line at getinvolved@furniturebank.org.

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