Bookkeeper – Hamidat [Meet Our Team]

Working home

Hi there, I am Hamidat and I work as a bookkeeper at Furniture Bank. For the past three + years, I have been ensuring the accounting books are kept in accordance with the set-out policy and procedures of Accounting and Finance unit for accuracy, efficiency and reliability of financial report. I oversee recording of various Account receivables into the appropriate revenues account using our accounting software. The income producing activities includes Pick Up Fees, Delivery Fees and Donations received by designated units and then ends up in accounting unit. My role includes but is not limited to depositing both cash and cheques into the organization bank, monthly bank reconciliation, daily reconciliation between the CRM and Accounting software, training of new support team members and other related accounting schedules assigned to me to ensure proper books of accounting are kept.

Before COVID-19, I had always thought accounting department can not work from home because we must post, print and file the generated sales receipt, invoices and general journals. I remembered some time past I asked the Director of Finance whom I report to that can we work from home and her response was ‘no Hamidat don’t think of it’ and I am like oh my gee why did I choose accounting as a career?

Since March 2020, my work has changed as not seeing the possibility of working from home a success, but with self disciplined by taking myself to be as if in office hour even if I am working from home. It was quite challenging at first, but I find liking it more now. I am a late work hour person and is still happens even while working from home which I am working towards really adjusting to closing early.

Furniture Bank Meet Our Team

Aside from working as a full-time bookkeeper, I venture into online business opportunities as I am passionate about healthy living and attraction marketing through social media. So in case you see me online… I love being in that space. I am an indoor person, but I still like going out to movies, I love taking pictures, I love dancing, and like when I was in college, I like clubs and ladies nights in the summer (pre-pandemic.)

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