5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Mattress


‘5 things to consider when buying a new mattress’

Guest post by Jennifer Young, Furniture Bank Marketing Volunteer

We spend a significant amount of our lives asleep so having a good mattress is an important investment for the home. Here are 5 things to consider when you buy a new mattress:

  1. Learn about materials. The two most common mattress materials are innersprings and memory form. Innersprings are the more traditional and popular mattress type that consists of steel coils. Variations on the innerspring mattress can include special layers of cushioning, a pillowtop layer, and infused gel. The other option is memory foam made from polyurethane or latex foam. The foam will soften as you lie on it and will mold to your body. Which is better? It’s really up to your personal preference.
  2. Try it out. Like shopping for clothes or shoes, it’s best to try out a mattress in the store. You might feel a bit self-conscious in the store, but lie down and make yourself comfortable. It’s important to spend as much time as possible testing out as many mattresses as possible – there are different materials and firmness levels.
  3. Check store return policies. Most stores offer a return policy for a specific time period and you may be able to return or exchange the mattress if it’s not comfortable. But there may be a re-stocking or delivery fee.
  4. Check the manufacturer’s warranty. On top of store return policies, most manufacturers will offer a warranty for defects. It can range from 10 to 25 years but may only include manufacturing defects such as sagging and broken coil wires. 
  5. And what to do with your old mattress? Furniture Bank is one of the few organizations that will accept beds and mattresses in good condition. They offer a full pick up and removal service for all your gently used furniture. Furniture Bank will come to your home, remove your furniture, get it to a family in need and get you a tax receipt for your furniture donation. Contact 416-934-1229 Ext #2 to learn more about the furniture removal service or click the button below to book a pickup today.


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