Furniture Removal

our customers' words

In our Customers’ Words

We’d like to start off by saying how very grateful we are for our outstanding customers! At the end of the day, our customers are the ones who make it

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Furniture Removal Checklist Furniture Bank

Furniture Removal Checklist

How to prepare for your furniture removal? You’ve got furniture you no longer need because you’re… Moving? Clearing up space? Downsizing? Transitioning to long-term care? No matter what your circumstance,

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COVID Updates Furniture Bank

Latest COVID Updates

We have been getting a lot of calls recently (thank you!), and a question a lot of you are asking is: Are we still operating? YES, we are! First and

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Comparing Furniture Bank and Habitat ReStore

What’s the difference? Habitat ReStore Furniture Bank What’s the DIFFERENCE? We regularly are asked by supporters: “What are the differences and similarities between Furniture Bank and ReStore?” We were fortunate

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pay to give a gift

Pay to give a gift

Our callers are frequently surprised to find out we charge for our removals service. We get asked questions like: Why do I need to pay to donate? Why are you

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