Client Story: Renee

20 year old Renee arrived at Furniture Bank with a big smile on her face and a ukulele case strapped to her back. She was smiling because she knew that today was going to be a special day. It was the day she would finally receive the furniture she needed to properly furnish her new place with and set up a comfortable home to record her music in. Renee’s first stable home she’s had in 2 years. Renee left her mother’s home at age 18 with nothing more than a futon and her clothes. Before coming to Furniture Bank, Renee lacked the stability of a true home spending the last 2 years of her life living in transition – crashing on friends couches and eventually checking herself into a youth shelter. This all changed when she hooked up with Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth, a partner agency of ours who helped her find a basement apartment to live in. It was at this point that Furniture Bank came into Renee’s life. When Renee came to Furniture Bank she worked with a volunteer to choose the furniture and housewares she needed to feel secure in her new apartment. She chose a computer desk and chair to record her music at, an armoire to store her clothes and things in, kitchenwares to prepare her meals and art pieces to hang on the walls – the base ingredients to live with the dignity of a furnished home and pursue her dream of becoming a performing artist. When reflecting on the personal impact that Furniture Bank had on her life, Renee says:
The furniture I received has changed my life because when I think about the fact that I would have a bare, empty room if not for people who donated furniture, it inspires me to give to everyone as much as I can because that’s what we all need, and that’s what love is – giving.

Renee continues to pursue her dream of becoming a performance artist.  She was so moved by the support she received from our donors that she recorded this song to express her gratitude.

So from us, Renee and the rest of our clients: THANK YOU!


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