Building Team Chemistry While Giving Back to the Community

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It’s something special to see – a group of colleagues coming together to support a cause and give back to people in Toronto. At Furniture Bank, we have the pleasure of witnessing moments like these during our Corporate and Community Volunteer Days. (Learn More). On these special days, a workplace team from a company or organization will come together to volunteer at Furniture Bank for half a day.

Last Thursday, a group of 7 from Coinamatic spent the morning volunteering with Furniture Bank, helping client’s select furniture for their newly established homes. Relive their volunteer experience through photos, testimonials and tweets!

Volunteering always brings out the humane character within everyone and allows you to see each other’s values and heart.  The emphasis on individuals as people and maintaining their integrity. Those who leave do so with a sense that they are being helped out. Humbling, to be personally involved in giving back to the community.

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