How Corporate Volunteering Inspired a Family to Give Back

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In the spirit of National Volunteer Week (#NVW2016) we wanted to share one of our favourite volunteer stories. Ken’s personal story shows how a single Day of Caring can inspire an entire family to get involved and volunteer.

Guest blog post by Ken Kyriacou, Furniture Bank supporter


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EY Connect Days provides an opportunity for the people of EY to join with colleagues for a day of community service.

I signed up to volunteer at Furniture Bank with my EY colleagues in the fall of 2014. My expectation was to have a great time connecting with my colleagues while giving back to the community. I was not expecting however, to be so impacted by the direct contribution the Furniture Bank provides to people in need.

I was so impressed by the passion demonstrated by the Furniture Bank employees and volunteers and I was inspired by Sister Anne’s story and how Furniture Bank was founded.

The morning of volunteering was filled with directly helping clients furnish their apartments and most cases there was not only an appreciation of the Furniture Bank’s existence by both myself and the Furniture Bank clients but there was an excitement that I sensed from the fresh start that clients are receiving.

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From Corporate Volunteering to a Family Affair

That night I shared my experience with my family and right away we were brainstorming ideas on how to help Furniture Bank… Since then my wife, Vicki and I have volunteered with my daughter Anna several times and Anna and I also had the opportunity to meet Sister Anne in person.

My daughter’s passion is not only to continue to volunteer regularly at Furniture Bank but to also bring awareness to this great organization. She organized a volunteer day with her school last year and on March 3rd 2016, Anna’s high school in Oakville hosted a school-wide conference with many diverse workshops. She arranged for Furniture Bank to run one of the workshops which was a great opportunity to give real life examples and demonstrate one of the conference’s pillars – Global citizenship.

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Families volunteering together!

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Ken’s story is just one of many examples of how a corporate volunteer day led to further engagement. 

Click the button below to learn more about corporate volunteering at Furniture Bank and how your workplace team can get involved.



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