Director of Development – Tammy [Meet Our Team]

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Hi, I’m Tammy Peddle, Director of Social Enterprise & Development at Furniture Bank.

I found Furniture Bank back in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the organization and its mission and wanted to learn every aspect of it. Today I oversee our sales & fundraising team and I’m accountable for the entire customer experience at Furniture Bank.
As a leader, it is also my accountability to encourage our team to learn, change and adapt, automate and simplify our processes whenever & wherever we can.

With that being said, here we are today living in a world wide pandemic, who would have thought!

Am I grateful that we started preparing for this in January?100%.
Am I grateful that we built our systems, and leverage technology prior to this pandemic? 100%
Did I have days where I felt like I was failing my team because I didn’t have all the answers? 100%.
Did I feel a sense of accomplishment when we collectively reorganized our entire organization to a virtual & distanced model? 100%
Am I grateful to my peers, and our entire team for being so RESILIENT?! 100%

Director of Social Enterprise

Personally I have had my up’s & down through the pandemic. My father who is a cancer survivor is highly at risk if exposed to COVID-19 so taking extra precautions in our household has been front & centre. But the true challenge was keeping him in…

Over the last 7 months I adapted to a new routine and even though it’s not ideal – and I CANNOT TRAVEL 🙁 -it’s not half bad. I wake earlier to start my work day and on my grocery shopping days I break at lunch and hit the store, and wow what a difference. I can even start dinner in the middle of the day while working, and then I have more family time in the evening. I have also improved my golf game thanks to my hubby.

So stay safe all and remember to look for the positives, we’ll get through this.

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