Director of Finance – Foluso [Meet Our Team]

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Working home

I am the Director of Finance. My name is Foluso Olawunmi. I am a proud bean counter and love what I do at Furniture Bank which is being responsible for all things Finance and accounting!

I would say that from March 2020 till now, work hasn’t changed. All that changed is the way work is done -which means that I needed to be prepared to change the way I work. Luckily in 2019, several projects were completed to make banking transactions more automated. This made it easier, and in March, I proactively made more changes that would reduce the need to work in the office 24/7. This yielded fruit and made the change easier.

I miss having the face to face interactions, so I do a lot of calls and virtual meetings with my team to make sure that we communicate and feel connected. Working from home is a work in progress as we continue to navigate and discover new tools to make our working day more effective and efficient.

Furniture Bank Meet Our Team

Outside work I love being with my family, cooking (only because I have to! lol), chillaxing, enjoying the privilege to exhale!

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