4 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Downsizing Plan

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Guest blog post by Andrea Dodd, Organize Once.

So you think you need to downsize?

Let’s face it, we all could use a bit of downsizing in our life. As I write this I am reminded that I personally need to downsize the time I spend in front of a screen. Whether it is stuff or not, in this day and age, it is probably a good idea to de-clutter and downsize.

As with all good ideas, it will be much easier to execute if you make a plan!

Organize Once suggests you use the 3 D’s. De-clutter, Donate & Downsize. 

Be sure you set the stage with these simple steps before you start downsizing to ensure success.

  1. TIME – if you’re movingStart well before your move date. Be sure to book your moving company well in advance to ensure the dates you want. Ask about providing supplies and understand what you need to provide yourself. Perhaps we left the packing of  ‘things’ to the last minute? Call on friends and family to help out and be prepared to purge! Or look up your local Professional Organizer as they can help get the job done and provide support.
  2. TOOLS: Gather the tools you will need. Boxes for donation, recycling bins, trash bags and packing tools. Having these handy will be an enormous help and save you time. 
  3. SORT: Sort items into categories. Pack, Give Away or Donate.  Sorted items will provide you with the ability to delegate the packing part and have groups come in to take away some of your unwanted items. Where will all this stuff go? We like to use different donation centers in the area and divvy up the goods depending on who needs what.
  4. TAKE AWAY & CLEAN UP: Remove the items to where they need to go. A few trips may be all you need to get your unwanted but valuable items to someone in need. If you have a lot of stuff that you feel is “junk”, 1 800 Got Junk will make sure that it gets recycled or usher it to the landfill for you. 

If all this seems too overwhelming there are experts who can help to make your transition smooth and easy. Our colleague Wendy Hollick at Neat Spaces Downsizing & Estate Services says: “Too often, we see individuals taking on needless, additional stress because their transitions are being mismanaged. This can mean a poorly marketed property, not understanding the true scope of the project, or a timeline that doesn’t fit your goals or lifestyle.”

Want to know when the best times to do your downsizing is?

Check out this blog post to find out. 

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