Why Our Drop-off Hours Are Restricted

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Furniture Bank offers a drop-off option for furniture donors who would like to bring their items themselves or through their own movers. 

table drop off

We are often asked why our drop-off hours are restricted to weekday mornings.

The simple answer is to make sure our donors – and our teams – can get in and out of the loading bay area as quickly and safely as possible.

We restrict our drop-off hours from the time that the trucks have left (9 am) until just before they return from their morning jobs (noon) so donors are not competing with four, 20’ trucks for space at the loading dock.

This allows us to serve drop-off donors efficiently, effectively and safely. It gives us time and space to help them unload their items as quickly as possible. That said, we are always thrilled when a donor who takes the time and care to bring us their usable housewares and furniture can stay and chat about our mission – and perhaps even take a tour of the warehouse. Seeing our operation in action as we work to serve upwards of 20 client families per day is really rather impressive.

We currently don’t offer weekend drop-off hours. This is something we hope to make available in the coming months to allow more awesome folks who want to help end furniture poverty to drop off their usable goods.

If you have some usable (but unwanted) furniture and/or housewares that you’d like to drop-off, come see us any weekday morning from 9 am-noon. And, if you have more than 10 items, give us a call at 416-934-1229 x 2 to schedule some time in the loading bay. This will allow us to serve you best!

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