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We have been working with different charities about adopting our platform to support their own operations. Known as the FB Support Service model it has a range of features and benefits which we will expand on in the Learning Centre in the coming weeks. However one of the immediate benefits is access to the Reporting Suite that’s designed with furniture bank programs in mind. 

This post walks through the standard reports that are available. It is important to highlight this reporting is entirely flexible to the needs of the organization with a powerful reporting wizard that is part of the solution. 

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As new organizations plugin to our customized FB platform and leverage our Support Services we get asked to list the reports that are available. The challenge is the list is as long as your imagination – as our Salesforce reporting suite has a wide range of combinations that can suit any stakeholders’ needs. The following is a summary of all the reports the Redwood Furniture Bank Program in Barrie Ontario use. We’ve helped them build new reports, and schedule them for delivery as needed.
We have blanked out their output numbers for privacy. 

The Basic Reports

Delivery Details

Used by case managers – this is the very details information related to each family delivery (row = family). Include name, shipment, agency, address, quantity and many other measures.  

In-Kind Donation Details

Annual summary of furniture sources (Drop-offs and Pick-ups) and associated outputs from these activities (quantity, tax receipt value, volume and weight). 

Furniture Delivery Metrics

A detailed review of the furnishing sent back into the community. Easily adjusted to include what has been received from drop-offs or pickups. 

Charity Tax Receipt Information

This report is critically important for our members. The report can be scheduled to run at any interval needed (daily, weekly, monthly etc) to arrive by email to the right person in your organization to create your own charity tax receipts. All necessary information is included to issue a compliant tax receipt to your donors.

Family Demographics

All families cases are tracked by a range of metrics, but a common report is the break down of the different community agencies being supported. In this example each referring agency demographic is reporting on families, adults and children. Totals at the top, and access to details behind each record let program mangers know who they are supporting annually. 

Furniture Flow (In & Out)

Furniture bank programs live or die on their inventory management. Knowing what items are arriving, leaving, and in inventory affect trucking capacity, warehouse floor space, and even staffing & volunteering needs. This report has all products received by Product Family & Product Name. The report is summarizing the volume, count, and estimate weight collected and delivered for a particular period of time.   

In-Kind Donor Details by Source

Simple summary report – used for dashboards. This is summarizing source of furnishing items for the program and associated count of donors and items used. 

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