Furniture Bank Support Service

The best way to grow your furniture bank.

In these times we all need to grow to survive

More furnishings for more impact.
More funding for more sustainability. 

But we are all caught in a dangerous cycle. 

High fixed costs for operations.
Limited fundraising options. 
It’s hard to enter a level playing field when corporate support goes to national players and large donations go to orgs with capacity.

We aim to disrupt the cycle.

In 2018 our board mandated that we expand our impact beyond Toronto and leverage investments to support like-minded organizations.  


Get access to our online training centre where you can take courses to learn various aspects of running and managing a furniture bank and how to benefit from the Furniture Bank Network.


Get access to our backend training centre and your team can take courses and access resources to help you make huge improvements to every aspect of your operations quickly and efficiently.  Topics include Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations, Reporting and more!



Learn how to benefit from the Furniture Bank Network and use the newfound knowledge and resources from our online platform to get your furniture bank where you never even knew it could be quicker than you ever would have imagined.

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What Furniture Bank has been able to do

We’ve been very fortunate to have been able to do so many great things. It’s our desire to help other companies reach the same potential.

  • We turned around a $300K loss into a break-even charity in 2014.
  • We scaled our social enterprise model by over 200% by 2016
  • We expanded our contract with the City of Toronto over 200% by 2018. 
  • We added the environment as another program outcome in 2019
  • We fundraised and invested over $1 million on our IT platform to date.
  • We’ve invested over $200K on our social impact model to date.
  • We changed the game with mattress companies.
  • We’ve developed a strong relationship with IKEA who is interested in national solutions.

Our Team

Dan Kershaw

Dan Kershaw


Tammy Peddle

Director of
Social Enterprise

Sean Peddle

Director of
Program Operations

Foluso Olawunmi

Director of
Finance CPA, CA

Annalee Sawiak

CEO & Founder of Furniture Link

What You'll Learn


FB Customized Salesforce Platform

  • Over a decade of customizations to align Salesforce to function as a complete FB Program
  • You have access to Salesforce as your own community.

Online Portal for Agencies

  • Your agencies will have online
    access to your own digital portal
    • Cases
    • Family needs 
  • Planned in 2021 is a customized branded online community for your agencies.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Your own customized reporting suite
    • Saved Reports / Charts
    • Custom Reports
    • Scheduled (and emailed) Reports
    • Excel-friendly exports.
    • Example:

Inventory / Capacity Tracking

  • With in-kind items tracked through Salesforce
  • Ongoing count of stock in the warehouse (in and out)
  • Includes estimated
    • Weight & Volume
    • Used for capacity planning

National Tax Receipting

  • Support Services cover:
    • National in-kind values following CRA
    • Donation Information and values are
      in Salesforce and this report can be
      exported so that conform to your
      charitable receipt format

Online Training / Learning Platform

  • Moving all documentation and how to use our platform into self-paced learning tools
  • Allows staff and volunteers to learn at their own pace
  • Ongoing training modules to be added over 2021

Social Measurement Model (SROI)

  • Internationally recognized impact method.
  • Aligned with Canadian measurement standards
  • Built on verified impact technology platforms
  • Output your community’s version in 2022!

Ongoing Impact Measurement Improvements

  • Consolidation of our measurement work in North America
    • Social
    •  Environmental
    •  Economic
    • Community
  • Ongoing expansion of SROI Model

Membership in the FBN

  • Building out a private forum for the sector through 2021.
    • Contact Directories
    • Forums / Discussions on topics
      related to furniture banking
    • Corporate opportunities
    • Sharing best practices and ideas

Sponsored by Furniture Link


Learning Centre

  • Online resource centre for
    • Articles
    • Case studies
    • Research
    • Worksheets
  • Creating a commonplace for ‘all’ materials about furniture banking from across North America

Common Branding Tools

  • Save your time and your budgets
  • Common assets, templates, and materials designed for reuse
    • Ex. Truck wrap designs for national consistency.
  • A growing library of quality assets to leverage in your community.

Furniture Removal Social Enterprise Model

  • Marketing / sales / IT / payments handled from Toronto
  • All leads centralized.
  • Bookings passed to your teams for collection back to your warehouse
  • Revenue share the success

Corporate Reuse Projects

  • Centrally coordinated national retailer projects (Ex. IKEA)
  • Local member handles ongoing collection & reuse work
  • Increase consistent funding and furnishing supply

What will it cost?

This pricing model covers our incremental costs while providing you new capabilities and benefits. We’ve fundraiser the onboarding costs ourselves.

Pickup Social Enterprise

  • 5% on all pickup social enterprise
    • We assume the sales process and pass
      completed bookings to you!
  • Example:
    • $100,000 pickup bookings cost $5,000 (5%) – Your organization receives $95,000

Commercial Projects

  • 15% on corporate social enterprise
    projects in your market.
  • Example:
    • $50,000 in new IKEA pickup requests
      cost $7,500 (15%)
    • Your organization receives $42,500

Getting Started

Take the first step and apply today.