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The best way to grow your furniture bank

Leverage Toronto’s years of experience by getting access to our online training centre where members can take courses to learn various aspects of running and managing a furniture bank.


The scale of the furniture poverty problem

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of Canadians have unmet housing needs and are experiencing chronic homelessness
Canadians live in poverty
Canadian families live in poverty
Canadians are on the waitlist for social or affordable housing
Children in Canada live in conditions of poverty (that’s 1 in 5)

Together we are stronger

Learn, collaborate, and get inspired by other Furniture Banks just like you. Our goal is to create a Furniture Bank Support Service that supports a national low-cost setup and support network for poverty / reuse social enterprises in communities across Canada.


Get access to our backend training centre your team can take courses to learn various aspects of running and managing a furniture bank including:.


Join a community of like-minded individuals that are all on the same mission as yourself. This is a grassroots collaboration network built by the involvement of its members.

You will be able to:


Get listed on the map in Canada’s Most Comprehensive Furniture Bank Directory for national exposure.

Growing will be easy as you can learn from other poverty/reuse social enterprises. With a team at your back, the possibilities for growth are endless.

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What Furniture Bank has been able to do

We turned around a $300K loss into a break-even charity in 2014. We scaled our social enterprise model over 200% by 2016 and We expanded our contract with the City of Toronto over 200% by 2018. We’ve been very fortunate to have been able to do so many great things. It’s our desire to help other companies reach the same potential. 

Our Team

Dan Kershaw


Tammy Peddle

Director of
Social Enterprise

Sean Peddle

Director of
Program Operations

Foluso Olawunmi

Director of
Finance CPA, CA

Annalee Sawiak

CEO & Founder

Become a member and join the movement.

Join a furniture poverty reuse organization that wants to join a ‘community’ of like-minded people. Members of the FBN will have access to our Furniture Bank Network map listing, access to our amazing community, and access to some of our training courses. Becoming a member is easy, we have over 40+ members in Canada and growing.

Getting Started

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Open to Furniture Reuse Organizations

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is not just a resource for those looking for Furniture Banks but for Furniture Banks and related organizations!  Becoming a member allows you to be part of the growing Furniture Bank movement across North America.