Fleet Supervisor & Sales – Leslie [Meet Our Team]

Working home

My Name is Leslie Miller and I am the Fleet Supervisor and Sales here at Furniture Bank. I have been with Furniture Bank for almost four years! I started in the Call Center.

A typical day looks like greeting team members in the morning and letting them know of any special assignments or just how their day looks. I route for the following day and dispatch, and tracking, I do some accounting reconciliation. Depending on the day, I am switching trucks around based on availability and need for repair and coordinating appointments and maintenance for our trucks. No two days are ever the same!

Since the Pandemic started it has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was just starting to transfer from my Call Center role into this role, so I was doing a bit of both at the time. Trying to keep work and personal life separate when you are not leaving your home can be difficult. But you have to set hard boundaries to do so, even when you don’t know what tomorrow was going to bring. There were days I didn’t know up from down because as an organization we were completely transforming how we operate! We were and still are consistently evolving into a new organization with the same mission! I am very fortunate that I was able to work from home because Furniture Bank provided me the resources I needed to do so! I will say I did enjoy the fact that when I woke up I could quite literally, roll into the office (aka my front room) and the coffee was in endless supply! The lack of work commute was also a nice change of pace!

Furniture Bank Meet Our Team

I have an Australian Shepherd named Murphy who got to spend a lot of quality time with me during these months and a Siberian cat named Charlie! The pandemic made me reevaluate my life and my goals, and in some sense, that’s exactly what I needed because I wasn’t going to slow down otherwise!

An ideal Saturday would be a sunny day, taking my dog to the dog park, going to get donuts, and dancing badly in my kitchen to country music to make my partner laugh. As much as I appreciated the time at home, in a safe place, I am really happy to be able to come into work and see my extended family. Furniture Bank is a second home and I am so grateful we are still here and are still able to say that!

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