Furniture Donation FAQ


How do I book furniture pickup?

To book a furniture pick up, call us on 416-934-1229 x 2  or fill out the online form here to get a call from our team.

How much does the furniture removal / pickup service cost?

Furniture removal service fees start at $150. The fee is calculated based on the volume of items that will be collected and the location of the pickup.

For example, if you’d like us to pick up 1 three-seater sofa, 1 armchair and 1 coffee table from a location in downtown Toronto, our pickup fee will be $170. In turn, you would receive a charitable tax gift-in-kind receipt for $400.

Learn more about our pickup service coverage and pricing here.

Why do you charge for a furniture pickup?

Our pickup service is not free. The fee, based on the volume of items we are picking up and their location, is set at a level that ensures we can run the service sustainably and in the pursuit of our goal: that everyone transitioning out of homeless and displacement has access to free furniture.

Specifically, the pickup fee allows us to:

  • Operate a professional furniture removal service;
  • Maintain, insure and run a fleet of 10 trucks;
  • Employ over 20 drivers and helpers to remove the items directly from your home and transport them to our warehouse;
  • Pay rent on our 27,000 Sq Ft facility in Etobicoke;
  • Provide free furniture to the most vulnerable members of our community;
  • Provide a subsidy to the delivery costs of moving the furniture to a family in need;
  • Sustain a charity with 40 employees that is only partly funded by financial donations and grants.

Click here to learn more about what your pickup fee helps us achieve.

What items do you pick up?

We pick up all types of household furniture including kitchen items, housewares, artwork, TVs and any other items you expect in a home.

However, they need to be:

  • In a good, useable condition.

The furniture we receive will find its way into the home of one of our clients. As such, we will only accept items that can be used as intended (and loved!) by the furniture recipient. As long as your item of furniture or houseware has been gently used, we’d love to have it.

  • Free standing and no larger than 6 feet.

Our clients are families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and displacement, and in the large majority of cases, they are moving into smaller, 1 bedroom / bachelor apartments. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to move in, set up and get back on their feet. As such, we do not accept large, bulky items to ensure that their delivery and set up in the client’s apartment is as quick and easy as possible.

Click here to see a list of all items we accept and those we don’t.

What items are too big to pick up?

Large items we DO NOT accept include:

  • Sofas longer than 7 feet
  • Sofa beds and futons longer than 6 feet
  • Cupboards, cabinets, book shelves, or any other standing unit taller than 6 feet
  • Desks larger than 4 feet
  • L-shaped desks
  • Major appliances like stoves, fridges, dishwashers, washers & dryers

Click here for more information on items that are too big to donate.

Are there any items of furniture that you don’t accept / pickup?

We DO NOT accept the following items:

  • Major appliances like stoves, fridges, dishwashers, washers & dryers
  • Sports & exercise equipment
  • BBQs
  • Used baby items and toys
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Sewing machines
  • Window blinds
  • Mobility items (walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom assistance equipment)
  • Any items of furniture more than 6 feet tall or wide.

To learn more about the items we do and do not accept, click here.

Do you have an ‘Express Service’?

Yes. Thanks to our partnership with Second Closet, we are able to pick-up your gently-used furniture on short-notice. Please call us on 416-934-1229 x 2 to request an express pickup.

How can I prepare for the day of my furniture pick up?

Here’s a quick list of things you can do to prepare for the day of your furniture pick up

  • If furniture items being donated are on the 3rd floor of a home please bring them down to the 1st or 2nd floor if possible
  • Make sure housewares items are packaged safely in boxes (marking the box with an idea of the contents would be awesome!)
  • If your donating a bed frame please disassemble it before our driver team arrives and if you’re donating carpets or rugs make sure they are rolled up and safely taped.

Click here for more details on how to best prepare for your furniture pick up

Can I drop off my furniture?

You can drop off your furniture & household items at 25 Connell Court, Unit 1, Toronto, ON M8Z 1E8. Our drop off hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 12 noon.

Please note that if you would like to drop off more than 10 individual items of furniture, you must email us at or call 416-934-1229 x 2 to book a drop off appointment.

Click here to learn more about dropping off your furniture.

Do I receive a tax receipt?

If you choose to donate your furniture to Furniture Bank, either by dropping off your furniture at our Etobicoke facility or by using our furniture pickup service, you will receive a gift-in-kind charitable tax receipt for the value of your furniture.

Click here to learn more about receiving a gift-in-kind / tax receipt from us.


What is a furniture bank?

A furniture bank is a registered charity, not-for-profit organization or social enterprise designed to provide gently used household furnishings to individuals and families in need, at little or no cost.

The model usually involves receiving gently used items of furniture from people who no longer need them, and transferring them to those who are struggling financially to furnish their own homes.

To learn more, click here.

How do I give my gently used furniture to Furniture Bank?

here are 2 ways you can give us your gently used furniture:

  • Book a furniture pickup

We offer a fee based, furniture removal service across the GTA. Click here to learn more about our furniture pickup service.

  • Drop off your furniture at our facility in Etobicoke

Click here to learn more about dropping off your furniture.

What does gently used mean?

At Furniture Bank, we use the term gently used to describe furniture that’s suitable for transfer to individuals and families in need.  A good test is to ask yourself: would I give this furniture to a close family member? Gently used furniture is clean, functioning, and it doesn’t need repair. It doesn’t have to be modern or stylish – we cater to a range of clients with a range of tastes! Click here for visual examples of what gently used means.

Where does my furniture go?

All gently used furniture we receive will be transferred to our clients, who include individuals who were formerly homeless, women and children escaping abusive situations, as well as refugees and newcomers to Canada.

Here’s a visual snapshot of our furniture donation process in action.

We work with over 85 different shelters and social service agencies across the GTA to invite clients to our showroom and give them the opportunity to choose items of furniture that are suited to their lifestyle.

Learn more about who we serve here and to who your furniture donation to Furniture Bank will go to. 

Where can I donate items Furniture Bank cannot accept?

Furniture Bank accepts donations of gently used furniture and household items to help furnish homes of individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness and displacement. For a list of organizations that accept things like clothing, books, musical instruments and sports equipment click here.

What options do I have for my unwanted furniture?

You can donate, curb side, sell or consign your old unwanted furniture. Click here for the pros and cons for each option.

How does Furniture Bank protect against bed bugs?

Implicit in our mission is a commitment to our clients – to provide them with furniture that is useable and useful. That’s why we only accept items of furniture that are gently used and of a high quality. It is also why we pay special attention to bed bugs – specifically, to ensure as much as we can that the furniture we provide our clients is free from a bed bug infestation.

We actively take steps to ensure that bed bugs do not enter our premises or the furniture we transfer to clients. Our primary prevention method is inspection: we ensure that every item of furniture is thoroughly inspected before coming into our possession. When in doubt we will opt to refuse a furniture donation.

Read more about our bed bugs prevention strategy here.