What You Need to Know About Our Furniture Pickup Service

So you’ve booked a pickup of your unwanted but gently used furniture. Now what?

In short, here’s what to expect from our furniture pickup service:

  • Payment – we have already processed your payment in advance of the pickup. In case you haven’t received the confirmation of the payment (on the same day you have called us in to book a pickup) – please call us on 416-934-1229 EXT. #2
  • Confirmation – you will receive an email from our Customer Services Team confirming the date and time of the pickup. If you need to make any changes to these details, please give us a ring as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible to add items to your list of donations, but we need to make sure that our trucks can accommodate any additions, which is why it is important that you let us know as soon as possible before the pickup.

  • Window frame – you will receive an email 24 hours before your pickup with a window frame of your pickup. You will also receive a call on the day of the pickup from the pickup team when they are on their way to you. We aim to minimize the amount of time you need to sit around waiting for us 🙂
  • .The team – one of our 18 by 12.5-foot trucks will be dispatched to your location on the day of the pickup. The pickup team consists of 2 gentlemen who will remove your items and load them up into our truck.

Please note that the pickup team will have final discretion over the donated items. If, for example, it is determined that the items are not within the accepted dimensions or aren’t in what can be termed a gently-used condition, you will not be able to donate them. Please refer to the information here to find out what we can and cannot accept or call us on 416-934-1229 EXT. #2

  • Charitable receipt – Once the pickup is complete, we will set to work on the gift receipt for your donation. The gift receipt is calculated based on a pre-determined, fair market value of used furniture, based on CRA regulations. This will usually be ready within 2 – 3 days after the pickup date and will be emailed to you. Please make sure to tell us to who the receipt should be made out and how you would like it delivered (if you’d want it to be sent via mail).

If any doubt about the information above, do not hesitate to contact us on 416-934-1229 EXT. #2. Or click here to learn more about our furniture pickup service.  

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