Top 4 Times in Life You Will Need a Furniture Remover


Guest post by Nina Doiron, iStage & Organize

Gone are the days of wanting to buy anything, including furniture, that will last a lifetime or even be handed down to generations to come. Not because all furniture is poorly built, but because today, options are nearly limitless and people crave change.

With trendsetters like HGTV, decor magazines and weekly flyers enticing us with new and stylish furnishings, it’s no wonder that most of us want something new every few years.

On that note, as we move through various stages of our lives, we tend to outgrow our things, including furnishings. These changes often result in the need for furniture to be removed from the home at various stages in life.

Here’s a list of  life changes when you may need to consider a home furniture removal service, so you can be proactive and properly plan ahead.


Your kids are all grown up and have moved on and you are entering the empty nest stage. You want to turn their rooms into a den, an office or even an exercise room. You may need to consider to have furniture removed for their old bed, desk, dresser, etc. in order to do so.


Is your current home much too big for you? Are you considering downsizing to something smaller and more manageable? As much as you love your existing furniture, downsizing means that you will not be able to take everything that you currently have with you. Keep the pieces that bring you the most joy and offer you practical storage solutions in your new home.

Conversely, upsizing to a new and larger home may mean that you will need new furniture pieces so that there’s cohesive flow throughout each space. This may mean that there’s no longer room for your current furnishings and you may need a helping hand to have your old furniture removed from your home.


Let’s face it, we live in a society that tells us more is better. We all own too much stuff. Research indicates that the average North American home has approximate 300,000 items (source:

The need to accumulate has created multiple industries including professional organizers like myself. One of the questions I’m often asked when helping clients de-clutter is what do I do with this or that? This is where a furniture removal option can come into play.


As trends change, you may have fallen out of love with some of your furniture pieces from 5 or 10 years ago. Re-decorating often means changing out key furniture pieces to more modern pieces. Rather than trying to sell and recover a few dollars, a furniture removal service may be a less time consuming option for you.

Ready to have your furniture removed? 

Click here for a list of furniture removal options in The Greater Toronto Area that’s right for you.

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