The Furniture Workshop in Full Swing

Once upon a time, a table came to the Furniture Bank workshop with severely damaged legs. The diagnosis was that a leg transplant would be needed to ensure a full recovery. Shortly after, another table came to the workshop, the tabletop was damaged beyond repair so it was decided that the legs would be used for the tabletop awaiting a leg transplant. Measuring tape, glue and screws were utilized to perform the procedure. The table made a full recovery.

Not long after the procedure, 4 chairs arrived at the workshop with damaged seat covers. It was decided that the material from the cushions of an unusable sofa would be salvaged to reupholster the seat covers. Quickly, an operation went underway in the workshop to transform the 4 chairs from an “I-would-not-sit-on-that!” state to an “I-want-those-in-my-dining-room!” state. The prognosis was good.

Upon successful completion of all needed procedures for the table and chairs, both the chairs and table were introduced to each other and a bond was formed. Together they were led to the showroom floor where they were on display for clients to select. Within 24 hours of going onto the floor, they were selected by a family, staged and scheduled for delivery. Today, they sit in a dining room somewhere in Toronto where a family is able to enjoy meals and family time together.

Without the help of the furniture donations we receive, a short story such as this one would not be possible at all. The workshop we are thankful to have here at Furniture Bank helps to make this type of reality happen.

See more images of our furniture workshop in action below. To learn more about the workshop or to get involved, click here.


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