Furniture Bank Donor Profile: Richard Roberts

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Richard has been a Furniture Bank donor for over 5 years. He has generously donated his money, gently used furniture and even spent some time with us as a Showroom Guide volunteer. Here’s Richard’s unique donor story of how he first learned about Furniture Bank outside of the Beer Store, and how that turned into a charitable giving practice. 

Richard’s Donor Story:

It was the summer of 2010 and Richard made a trip to the Beer Store to recycle some empty bottles. When he was leaving the store, he was asked by one of our volunteers if he’d like to donate his recycling proceeds to Furniture Bank as part of a bottle drive we were running. Without any previous knowledge of our organization, Richard politely declined.

Richard went home that day and looked up Furniture Bank online. He was impressed by the work we were doing to help families and individuals furnish their homes and recycle old furniture items and housewares. From that day on, Richard decided to save his recycling proceeds and donate it to Furniture Bank around Christmas time each year, a routine he continues to this day.

In His Own Words:

Each time when I take empties back to the Beer Store, I keep track of the amount and at the end of the year, I round the amount up and send it off to Furniture Bank. I believe that it is a small way that I can give back to society. We’ve been blessed and want to help those who need some help to be able to look after themselves. For me this is a real privilege.

Richard has also donated furniture when he and his wife were downsizing a few years back. He was so impressed with the service he received that he decided to become a volunteer for a few months following. When he speaks on his time as a volunteer, Richard remembers how satisfying it was to help clients choose furniture and the positive excitement it generated. He recalls a sense of real satisfaction knowing that he played a small part in helping some folks get a fresh start.

We love hearing from our donors about what motivates them to support our charity. If you have your own donor story you’d like to share, please get in touch with us at

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