Sonya, The Go Project leader reflects on her Furniture Bank experience…

“The GO Project allows youth entering grade 9 to age 19 to experience different aspects of missions that they can engage in their own communities, with special focus on food justice and sustainability. Our volunteer time at the Furniture Bank allowed us to see an alternative way to reduce waste in a society that leans heavily toward consumerism and individualism. The flow of the donations given so thoughtfully, the careful preparation by Furniture Bank staff and volunteers, and the joy of the clients who would benefit provides a model of dignity and respect that we shall aim to incorporate into our lives. Thank you for your dedication to this cause!”

What did the group members have to say about their Furniture Bank experience?

Rana Eissa, 16 years old:

“I appreciate the gift that this organisation is giving the community and I’m thankful that they allowed us to experience it with them.”

Rachel Mack, 17 years old:

“The happy faces of the clients made all the hard work worth it. There was a couple holding up a painting, smiling more happily than anyone I’ve seen in a long while.”

Nathan Snow, 13 years old:

“It was a life changing experience.”

Allen Corbalan, 14 years old:

“It was inspiring to see all the donations to the furniture bank.”

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