Good things that happened in 2020

good things 2020

As the expression goes, whatever can go wrong will go wrong… this year fully embodies that. With this said, we believe that there is a silver lining to be found in any situation, and the world proved us right! So as we wave goodbye to this peculiar year, let us reflect on all the good things that happened in 2020. And to much surprise, there’s a whole list!

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The World

  1. People got (really) creative

  2. Drive-in movie theaters are trendy again!

  3. Nature had a chance to revive itself

  4. The highest voter turnout since 1900 (US)

  5. Our favorite restaurants and food chains shared their secret recipes!

  6. Some of us used their sewing skills to donate masks for those in need

  7. Some of us rediscovered “old-school” activities like bread baking and gardening (and it seems like they enjoy it!)

  8. Museums have opened up online exhibitions

  9. We re-realized the need for basic outdoor and indoor activities and much of an impact exercise has on our mental health

  10. We moved our family gatherings and parties onto Zoom to stay connected

  11. We had an opportunity to get into late night show hosts and musicians’ homes while they still were doing their best to keep us entertained

  12. We now – more than ever – appreciate our frontline workers. Our doctors, nurses, teachers, and store staff have kept us afloat this year at the risk of their own safety. Thank you!

  13. Some of us were enjoying staying comfortable in our sweatpants while working from home

  14. “Some Good News” went viral because obviously this was much needed

  15. Ikea unveils a new initiative!

Greater Toronto Area

  1. Julie Nolke went viral with her “Explaining the pandemic to my past self” video (if you haven’t watched it yet, please do!)

  2. Here comes a long list of all the courageous and resilient people who helped us to go through this year: The 50 Most Influential Torontians of 2020 

  3. And this heart-warming story that restores your faith in humanity: Living in a sailboat

  4. Giving joy (and jobs) during a pandemic: Building Skating Rinks

  5. Drive thru XMAS light festivals are increasing in popularity and are a nice way to enjoy the beautiful sights of Christmas

  6. We have managed to collect enough money to support an additional 60 families with the furniture & housewares for their entire home! Help us supporting even more families by donating today!
Good things that happened in 2020
Credit: Carry Chalk Instagram

See, 2020 was not all bad! There are so many heartwarming stories of people coming together and showing resilience in the face of adversity. And as the year comes to an end, it has left us with lots to reflect on. To reflect on what we have, who we have in our lives, and appreciate it all to the fullest.

Times like these shed a spotlight on those struggling, and with Furniture Bank having remained operational all year, we were able to continue our fight to end furniture poverty. Without our staff, donors, and supporters, this would not be possible.

So let us continue with the narrative of helping our neighbors, giving back where we can, and staying positive, and let’s try and make 2021 a comeback year!

We will leave you with this, because nothing beats a kids perspective on things (learning to keep a little confetti in your back pocket is the lesson here)!

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