Guest post by Louise Toner, Furniture Bank Sorting Room Expert

Our generous donors send all kinds of furniture and housewares donations to Furniture Bank every day.  We appreciate every single item!  And sometimes we receive things that are not the typical, practical housewares donations that we are used to.  Now and then we are quite surprised at the unusual things that we come across in the donation boxes.  So, in the first of an occasional series, we are pleased to present to you some of the most unique things donated to Furniture Bank lately.

1. A Real Dried Puffer Fish

Those Spines are razor sharp – trust us, we know! (Luckily, we always have band-aids on hand.)

2. Globe and Mail From 1980

On Monday, May 19, 1980, Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, Miami was rioting, and it was a lovely 21 degree C day in Toronto. If you were born on this day you are now 35 years old!

3. A Beautiful Blonde Wig

This is the real thing, not some Halloween costume. Silky, soft, and lovely.

This is the real thing, not some Halloween costume. Silky, soft, and lovely.

And this list doesn’t even include some other treasures that have been donated to Furniture Bank over the years: like the pristine wedding dress complete with veil; the moose and squirrel shaped candles; the llama bookends; and the Holstein cow collection!

So if you have gently used housewares that you no longer require – like small kitchen appliances, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, tableware, and artwork – then consider donating them to Furniture Bank along with the furniture that you’ve decided is surplus to requirements in your home. And we’ll make sure it gets to a family transitioning out of homelessness or displacement.

Click here for a full list of furniture, housewares donations, kitchen items and home decor we accept.