IKEA and furniture Bank thank you!

One of our team members will contact you shortly to plan your distanced or in-home furniture pickup

You wanna know who would love Furniture Bank?

Your friends and family!

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Follow the journey of a dining room set!

Meet one of the families your furniture will help next week.

Do you have any questions about our pickup service?

Furniture Bank is a not for profit charity as well as a social enterprise. READ MORE.

The simple answer is: We charge for our service to sustain the organization. READ MORE.

Safety is our number one priority, not only for our employees but for our donors as well. READ MORE.

Furniture Bank supports marginalized and displaced families and individuals experiencing furniture poverty. READ MORE.

The answer is quite simple: gently used items that we consider essential when furnishing a home. READ MORE.

We offer an in-home furniture removal service as well as distanced pickup. READ MORE.

You can claim the charitable receipt as a donation and can expect to see a return on your taxes. READ MORE.

From 2015-2019 we have distributed 82% of the furniture donations received to families in need. READ MORE. 

Customers reviews

  • Pat Neuman4/07/2021

    So happy to donate to such a good cause! Hope someone enjoys my furniture as much as I have..just sorry we don’t have room for it in the new house..

    Ron Oberth3/27/2021

    My experience with Furniture bank Toronto was wonderful.-efficient courteous service both on line and on the phone. Pick up was on time and two guys were great.

    I will use Furniture Bank again.


    nick knickle3/20/2021

    Its a good service for people in need of furniture only strange thing is you can't enter this place to check our their furniture

  • Andrea Chance2/24/2021

    To the two kind kind guys that took my furniture out of a walk up apartment (two flights of stairs) with the absolute most narrow hallways, an inadequately sized driveway (so they parked across the street)— THANK YOU. They were professional, fast, and truly put in so much effort to remove everything in the most non-ideal moving conditions. I will 100% use Furniture Bank again in the future, and fortunately it will be with an elevator next time! The icing on the cake is that my gently used furniture can go to someone in need. And the sprinkles on the icing on the cake is being issued a tax receipt for my donation. Again THANK YOU!

    Paddy Tinson2/13/2021

    It felt so good to know you are truly helping a family make a home.......the furniture is FREE to people who qualify through the accepted agenccy of the Furniture Bank, You do pay for the professional furniture bank movers..who, by the way, will go to your upstairs.....However a healthy tax receipt is given......so we see it as a very worthwhile win win. It is a terrific IDEA! P and P Tinson

    Christina Sarracini1/29/2021

    I have used the Furniture Bank in the past and I was very happy to donate this furniture to them.. The 2 gentlemen that came to pick up were very kind and very professional. I hope to be able to donate again soon and I encourage everyone else to donate.