A Community of Impact Investors

Since 1998, Furniture Bank has provided low-income individuals and families with home essentials needed to create conditions of comfort, dignity and stability that come from having a furnished home.

We collect 50,000 furniture items and serve over 5,500 individuals and 2,500 families annually. Since our inception we have given over 127,147 individuals and their families a new start on life.

Community members, organizations and corporations make it possible for us to grow and expand our projects, helping more and more people every year.

Thank you.

Organizations and corporations that have supported our programs throughout the years:

Leg up:

Our social employment Leg Up Program employs and trains individuals who face barriers to employment across the organization—from positions within our warehouse, on our pickup and delivery trucks, in our call centre, and as administrative support. We train 35-40 individuals annually, fostering personal and professional growth through job skills, emotional intelligence training, and financial literacy, providing skills and knowledge to achieve greater financial independence, and retain secure employment. Over the last decade have provided meaningful employment and skills development for over 350 employees.

The Workshop:

Our Indigenous-led Repair and Refurbishment Workshop trains individuals in furniture repair, upholstery and woodworking and provides trade training, and sustainable careers in the refurbishing and reupholstering field. Since its inception in 2015, we have provided over 31 participants with opportunities to learn employable skills, and repaired and salvaged 18,606 items, ensuring furniture stays out of our landfills.

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