Intact Volunteers Furnishing Homes & Empowering Lives!

Special thanks to Caroline (who came all the way from Montreal), Andrea, Daniella, Bill, Melissa , Michelle, Tiffany, and Dominique from Intact Insurance’s Communications Team  for spending the morning  helping Furniture Bank’s clients select furniture for their newly established homes and sort through boxes of  housewares donations.

You can feel the positive energy radiate from this group from the moment they stepped through our doors. Three group members even showed up thirty minutes early with a smile on their face ready to volunteer. Love it! 

In just 1 morning of volunteer service this exceptional group of 8 helped:

  • 20 individuals receive furniture for their new homes.
  • 3 new Canadians & refugees start fresh in furnished homes
  • 10 people in need of beds select one

Add this to the impact Intact Volunteers have contributed… It’s quite amazing to see. Click on the image below to see the full report.


Intact Insurance - Volunteer - Impact

Photos from the day

We asked the volunteers how they felt after their morning of volunteering and this is what they had to say

It made me feel great to give back a little bit and our clients seem very appreciative

DominiqueIntact Volunteer

I really loved meeting the clients and hearing their story. Our first client wanted a larger TV but didn’t have a car to get it to his house. We discovered he lived in my neighbourhood, so I decided I’d deliver it to him personally.

TiffanyIntact Volunteer

It was a wonderful experience to meet people at such an important stage and time in their lives. The people we met had incredible stories and have persisted through hardships most of us have never had to face.

MichelleIntact Volunteer

Very encouraging and enriching. Helping others is extremely rewarding.

Caroline Intact Volunteer

It was a very positive experience – it felt good helping people find what they need.

MelissaIntact Volunteer

You don’t really know until later. But I can say the Furniture Bank was completely new to me, and from now on I will think of it as a place to donate or volunteer.

BillIntact Volunteer

Opened my eyes to the needs people have and how furniture impacts their lives.

DaniellaIntact Volunteer

Motivated me to donate more furniture.

AndreaIntact Volunteer