Janet’s Story

When a little can provide so much

It is easy for Canadians to lose sight of how much comfort we draw from the true basics in life. Janet was one Furniture Bank client who sadly, had experienced so much hardship that even resting comfortably was not an option. A native of Rwanda, Janet had seen her husband, brothers, sisters and three children killed as part of unrest in her homeland and yet managed to make it to Canada where she ultimately reunited with six of her other children. The day after her children arrived, Janet discovered that she was afflicted by an advanced form of cancer. She began receiving chemotherapy and suffered through extreme back pain that prevented her from lying down, exasperated by the fact that Janet stood six feet tall. She could only sit upright and yet only had a single kitchen chair to accommodate her considerable frame. Furniture Bank came to her aid and provided her with a beautiful leather sofa that triggered tears of gratitude the moment Janet first sat on it. Furniture Bank was also able to fulfill Janet’s request for a mattress and ironing board, bringing stability to somebody who truly had next to nothing. Her new furnishing gave Janet a sense of comfort she had never known before and allowed her to rest and recuperate with dignity.

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