WANTED: Storage! How to Make More Space!

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Credit: Downsizing Diva

Everyone wants more storage space. Why not? The more the better so you can keep the new clothes you just purchased in your closet or in a box stored on your shelf.  But you should think realistically and practically. It is hard to store seasonal items and infrequently used accessories. Here are some tips how you make more space out of the space you currently have.

Think Vertically

  • In the kitchen, top shelves are usually the hardest to access. You should use them to store items that are not used on a regular basis.
  • Some items are not just for decoration but also have a functional purpose. These can be displayed on the top cabinets throughout your home.

Think Square

  • Maximize drawer and shelf space by using square or rectangular boxes and not round ones. Combine boxes and label them clearly. This way, items can be quickly found when needed.
  • Decorative boxes can be come accessories on open shelves or under tables. You can store items into these decorative boxes to conserve space.

Think Custom

  • Build customized bookcases and shelving units to utilize space more efficiently. Bookcases offer decorative and hidden storage and become focal points that complement the room’s architectural features.

Think Outside the Box

  • Storage space exists where you least expect it. Think about opening up the area under the stairs and installing shelving units there. Bookcases placed in either side of a fireplace can be used to store books and display family treasures and keepsakes.
  • Closet organizers create more space and provide storage solutions in areas where everyone wants more space.

Think Practically

  • You may have some items that you use once in a while. If friends own the same item, think about arranging to share the items and the storage space. Maybe your family stores the snow blower and your friends store the fondue pot. This way you both have access to the items and your stuff is just a quick phone call away.

Now that you know how to make more use of the space you have, try not to over store your belongings.

Read more on how these simple strategies will help with organizing your stuff.

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