The meaning of ‘home’

in the words of our Chair Affair designers

In keeping with this year’s Chair Affair theme ‘From my home to yours,‘ we asked our Chair Affair designers to share what home meant to them. Here are some of their answers…


Yvonne Whelan (Yvonne Whelan Design)

“Home” to me is that place that enhances the quality of life and well being by being filled with love, laughter and familiarity.

I want my home to be a beautiful living environment that has a harmonious flow and yet still welcomes people to feel at home. I adore touches of whimsy, pops of colour and even a bit of edge at times.

Home to me is a beautiful soft cashmere sweater that wraps around you, making you feel safe and happy. And no home is complete without the love of family – that’s the most important part!

Chair Affair Designer Becky Freeman

Becky Freeman (Becky Freeman Interior Design)

Home is a place to be completely and utterly yourself. To know you have everything you need to be re-energized to head back out into the world after spending time there.

Home is a place to become revitalized, a retreat of sorts.

Home is also a place to host those nearest and dearest to you, to extend hospitality to show you care.

Evelyn Eshun (Evelyn Eshun Design Inc.)

Home…the moment when my ‘self’ is able to EXHALE and allow the feelings of comfort, relaxation and comfort to enter my soul.

Home is freedom to be myself, freedom to express myself – be it happy or sad.

Home is a place where I am protected and embraced by love. No matter how far I travel to beautiful and exiting destinations, home is where I feel the most welcome.

Chair Affair Designer Janet Hamilton

Janet Hamilton (Paint It Like New)

Home is an extension of ourselves, something that makes us proud to share with our closest family members and friends.

The joy of filling our homes with personal treasures gathered over the years and working on special projects helps us to personally evolve with our spaces.

Above all else, home is the place that everybody should feel safe, happy and calm.

Antoinette Plummer, Push Interiors

Home is where my heart dances freely, my feet are bare, my mind finds its peace and where happy is a natural reaction.

Home is my sweet escape that requires only keys… it’s my place of unity, comfort, relaxation, it is where I renew my strength.

Home is my safe place, my free, my ‘just be me’ place.

Home is where traditions are written, visualized, passed on and embraced. Home is love in motion.

Chair Affair Designer Janice Fedak_

Janice Fedak, Janice Fedak Colour & Design

For me the word ‘Home’ is more than just a place….it’s a feeling. It’s warmth, it’s comfort, it’s non-judgemental, it’s belonging, it’s laughter, it’s unconditional love, it’s where life happens.

There is something undeniably secure with the feeling of ‘coming home’, ‘being at home’ and even ‘calling home’.

It’s knowing that at the end of each day, after whatever that day may have included, I can walk through the door and feel secure wrapped by the walls that I call ‘home’.

Chair Affair Designer Nadine Goralchuk

Nadine Goralchuk

When I think of home, one of my favourite scripture quotes comes to mind: “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; though knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” – Proverbs 24:3-4.

Home to me is my sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life and from a design stand point of view, a pure reflection of my personality, my hopes, dreams and inspirations.

Home to me is like Thanksgiving dinner, where all your family comes together around a beautiful table filled with seasonal decor and great food – not to mention Momma’s delicious stuffing! Laughter and warmth fills the air and there is nothing better than that feeling and enjoyment… Home is purely love and family surrounded by everything that you love.

Chair Affair Designer Dean Suessmann_

Dean Suessmann

Home to me is the area where you can be yourself without fear of the outside world peering in. Most people are very linear, following the shortest set route to achieve what they think others would feel as ‘homely’ whilst losing the initial question posed to them.

A home can be achieved by doing the complete opposite, having pictures set at random heights, interesting (and sometimes outrageous) art pieces to draw your eye. Anything can be done to make it your place. Home is where you shouldn’t feel judged or guilty or anything but yourself.

It’s where you come together with friends and family, where laughter and happy times help further define what will be to you and your family as home.

What does ‘home’ mean to you? Tell us via a Tweet…