The Power of Self Love – Client’s Story

Self Love

Due to the pandemic, we are no longer able to meet our Clients in person, when helping them to choose furniture for their new home. In order to collect those stories, we now ask for a phone interview. Drayer was one of our Clients we talked with in March 2021.

This is his story:

I was in a tent because.. Because my life crashed.

I’m a construction worker, I was an electrician for years. And the negativity in these plants that I was in, there were no women or children or pets, just the angry men. And they’re away from their love, there was no guessing it was like “you guys really need a hug or something!”. You need some love in your life, whatever that means, don’t just go over drink all the time. […] So it just kind of amplified everything. This was just years and years, and it just tore me down.

Some guys came by and they’re working with Streets to Homes. So they got me into a bachelor apartment on King and they were the ones that told me that there’s furniture available. They said furniture was coming in. Erwin and Ryan came by with furniture. It was like Christmas.

I didn’t have anything, and you can’t fit much in a tent. But now I’ve got an abundance: table, queen sized bed, coffee table, loveseat. I got plants off the street, somebody was throwing out. My quality of life went up. I’ve got a desk and I’m working on getting a business started, online marketing. And there are a couple of barriers, but everything’s coming in.

I am grateful. When I was in the tent I was thinking: “what put me here?”. And I just read a couple books and one of the ones that stuck out was Louise Hays “You can heal your life” and the whole book is about loving yourself and for most guys, and for those people you hear “love yourself” but you don’t really understand what does it mean. She set it out in a way that you can just reaffirm to yourself “I love and approve of myself, I love and approve of myself”. Within a month, literally, I’m in a furnished apartment from a tent. So it’s the power – love yourself – it spills over into your life and then it spills over to others.

Hear Drayer's Story for yourself:

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