Meet Martin

  Martin once had it all – a home in Toronto’s Beaches community, an acting career and two loving children. However, through a combination of personal struggles and circumstances beyond his control, the home that once housed his family was taken away from him.
“I was physically removed from my house – I couldn’t believe it. My son was with me at the time. Luckily for her, my daughter was at a sleepover. We were locked out of the house and couldn’t get anything inside: furniture, housewares, clothing and valuables, nothing!” 
Watch the video to learn more about Martin’s journey.

After making arrangements for his children to stay with others, Martin had no choice but seek a bed at a shelter. A few things happened and Martin eventually got an offer for a townhouse that he could afford to rent to stay with his kids. But when he went in, it was just an empty space. They basically were eating while sitting on the floor and then had three sleeping bags to sleep on. That was it! Not long after, Martin was referred to Furniture Bank through one of our partner agencies. Like many of our clients, he had never heard of our organization until he found himself in a moment of need, and your furniture donation helped! The fact that Furniture Bank exists in our city is fantastic, he says with a smile on his face. It made our empty house a home, something I couldn’t afford to do on my own. It helped bring my family back together. “The suffering and the struggle helped in a roundabout way,’ Martin shared. “My daughter is now inviting her friends over and she loves it. My son is an honour roll student and is now applying to universities. We’ve become a stronger family unit than we’ve ever been.” Want to help more families like Martin’s? It costs Furniture Bank $250 to deliver furniture to family. Make a financial donation today and help more families like Martin’s live with the dignity, comfort, and stability of a furnished home.  

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