Housing to Home – Meet Sarah


Sarah’s story is one shared by many Furniture Bank clients.

It is one of displacement and trauma – but also of resilience and hope.

Sarah’s story, which was captured as part of a special project, highlights the power of furniture.

Imagine being unexpectedly uprooted from the life you’ve planned for you and your family.

Sarah was a young woman working for the government in her country of origin. Political unrest and the nature of her job made her the target of death threats. At the same time, Sarah was pregnant with twins and the pregnancy became high-risk.

Fearful for her safety – and the health of her unborn babies – she fled, leaving everything behind.

Sarah went to Atlanta, where she gave birth to her boys who needed treatment after delivery. Alone in a new country with newborns, Sarah’s life was complex, isolating and frightening. From Atlanta, Sarah moved to Montreal, then Toronto, where she found refuge at a shelter.

Homeless and jobless, Sarah juggled motherhood, immigration and refugee claim appointments, and social work meetings. While grateful for the tremendous support she received from Christie Refugee Centre, living at the shelter with two young, spirited boys soon proved challenging.

Fortunately, Sarah was able to secure affordable housing. However, like so many of our neighbours, she could not afford to furnish her home. She and her boys slept on blankets on the floor in an empty apartment.

Thanks to the generosity of countless Furniture Bank donors and volunteers, Sarah is well on her way to rebuilding her new life in Canada.

I woke up this morning as if I was in a dream.

I still can’t believe this is my home and I get to live here – that my babies have an actual bed to sleep in.

I don’t have to move anymore; I am home.

God Bless you, for all that you do.

Want to help more families like Sarah’s?

It costs Furniture Bank $250 to deliver furniture to family. Make a financial donation today and help more families like Sarah’s live with the dignity, comfort, and stability of a furnished home.


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