Abc’s of Moving: Antiques, Breakables and Collectibles



Credit: Downsizing Diva

Everyone has a different reason for moving, regardless of what it is, you prepare for it in different ways.

Amongst your belongings, you may have different types of historic art pieces, fragile items, or even collectibles. Whatever it is, you want to ensure that your prized possessions are moved with utmost care.

If you have valuable antiques, artwork and fragile items that are part of your move, ask your moving company, in advance, how they will be packed and transported.


  • Remove drawer contents and pack them individually in well-labeled containers.
  • Remove fragile drawer pulls and ornamental details. Wrap and pack them separately.
  • Remove mirrors or other accessories. Place screws/fasteners/keys in a plastic bag and tape it inside one of the drawers or attach it securely to the back of the item.
  • Secure drawers with plastic film to prevent them from opening during transport.
  • Pad and wrap large items.
  • Get specialized, custom packing crates constructed for fragile items prior to the move.

Breakable/Fragile Items

  • Arrange with the moving company to pack these items, unless if you have decided to pack and move them yourself.
  • If there are only a few items, the movers can pack them on moving day.
  • If there are a number of breakable items, the movers may schedule a time, prior to your move date, for packing.

Collectibles, Lamps and Pictures

  • Pack collectibles in their original boxes.
  • If original boxes are not available, items should be carefully wrapped and placed in appropriate sized boxes.
  • Request lamp boxes and or picture boxes from your moving company when you book your move. These items are usually brought on moving day.

Prior to moving day, remember to record your valuable items on your insurance form or on your own household inventory list.

Now you know my ABC’s of moving, next time won’t you pack like me.

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