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Perhaps you have a home-based business, or a fabulous home entertainment center or just the basics. Regardless of what you have, electronic equipment require special handling when moving.

It is best for electronics to be packed in their original boxes with the original customized packaging. If you do not still have the boxes, leave the packing to the professionals or follow the steps below to ensure that your fragile equipment is moved safely and can be set up quickly and efficiently in your new home.

Before Packing

  • Record the serial and model number of each item for inventory purposes.
  • Back up your computer files to a CD, memory stick or external hard drive.
  • Choose a container that is the appropriate size, a few inches larger than the piece of equipment.
  • Remove wires and cables. Note the connections at each end of the cables. Perhaps attach a label to the cable/wire to describe its function and mark the input and output connections so you know how to reconnect it.
  • Colour-coding with a dot of permanent market on the cable and each connector makes an excellent road map. Bundle cables and wires with the piece of equipment and put them in a clear plastic bag. Label the bag and put it in the same box as the equipment. Another method is to take a picture of the back of each item so you can use it as a reference to reconnecting the components.


  • Cushion the bottom of the box with a thick layer of bubble wrap or crushed newspaper. Use what you have by putting towels, this way you may save a box when you start packing the linen closet.
  • Handle the equipment with care and place it in the box so there is space on all sides. Add packing material to fill in the space to prevent the equipment from shifting. Place the bag of cables and wires beside or on top of the item. Add packing material to fill the box. Close, seal and label the box with the name of the item, fragile warnings and arrows to indicate “This Side Up.”
  • Remember, the heavier the box, the harder it is to handle.


  • Ensure the movers are aware of the contents of fragile boxes and the need to avoid shaking because of the sensitive components.

With your electronics all packed up properly, your home entertainment system and all other electronics will be transported to your new home safely.

Read here to learn where you can donate extra electronic equipment you do not want to move with you to your new home.

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