NEW Distanced Furniture Removal for Social Good

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home downsizing, seniors downsizing

Seeking safe solutions for donors and families.

Canada’s First Distanced Furniture Removal Service!

Seeking safe solutions for the community in homes to help those without them. 

Today, not 24 hours after pausing operations, we have adapted and launched our ‘Distanced Furniture Pickup’ Service. Furniture Bank has always prided itself on upfront no-haggle pricing, providing total transparency with the costs as well as a charitable receipt from the goods that come when hiring our social enterprise. Unlike most junking options that require in-person assessment and pricing – we already had most of our service ‘distance-based’. We’ve just finished redesigning the process so your entire furniture removal pickup can be “distanced” (and safe) and in turn, ensure your furniture and home goods can be prioritized for families in crisis right now who cannot ‘stay in their home’ without this items! If you are self-isolated and at home and want to learn more about this – the team is online and ready to explain how it works and how it can help create homes for families in crisis.

distanced furniture removal

How does the distanced removal solution work?

  1. Being at home you can get a jump on Spring Cleaning and pack up, organize and group your donations. 
  2. You move all items to be donated to one area of the house.
    The garage is ideal, or the closest place to your entrance. 
  3. Book appointment with Furniture Bank for distanced furniture removal tel:14169341229
  4. Our team will inventory your in-kind donation, outline the costs, and charitable tax receipt value for the donation, as well as review the COVID-19 precautions being taken for the community safety. 
  5. You will pay at the time of booking over the phone, to avoid in-person payment later. 
  6. On the day of the service, you will be provided ETA and digital notices of our arrival time.
  7. Furniture Bank’s trained and professional staff will remove your furniture donations at a safe distance to you and your family following Our Commitment to Workplace Safety Policy. 
  8. The only contact we will require is a signature verifying your donation has been collected. 
  9.  Furniture will be returned and processed through our Health & Safety checks at Furniture Bank.
  10. Your donated items will have been matched and distanced shipped to families in need around the community.
  11. Your tax receipt will be issued digitally within days. 
  12. You will have completed a Distanced Pickup for Social Good! 
home downsizing, seniors downsizing

Lets TALK ABOUT IT your furniture will change a life even now!

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