Polysleep Supports COVID Response

Polysleep Donation

Furniture Bank was thrilled to receive 100 new mattresses from Polysleep to support City of Toronto and Furniture Bank rapid housing projects during this crisis. The in-kind donation helps provide the gift of a good sleep to a number of families Furniture Bank is supporting during this crisis.  

This connection came through the City of Toronto Partnership Office who has been working with Furniture Bank through out this crisis response to maximize the reallocation of in-kind donations through to the agencies and families that need the support. 

At Polysleep, we believe every Canadian deserves both a healthy and great night's sleep, so we are proud to join forces with the City of Toronto and Furniture Bank helping vulnerable residents in need during this hard time.

Jeremiah Curvers, Co-founder and CEO of Polysleep Tweet

More Funds & Furniture Needed

This donation is a small part of the resources needed to win the war on furniture poverty during this crisis. During normal times we need over 10,000 beds a year and the funds to collect process and deliver them. If you want to learn more about Furniture Bank please learn more in the LEARNING CENTRE 

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