RBC Staff Giving Back to the Community

How do you give back to your community? There’s many ways to get involved with a cause that you believe in. You can volunteer your personal time, you can donate to a charitable program, or you can attend a fundraising event that a charity is hosting. One way our friends from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) get involved is through Corporate Volunteer Days at Furniture Bank.  How Do RBC Corporate Volunteer Days Work? Every 6 weeks, a group of RBC staff from branches across Toronto come to Furniture Bank to help clients select furniture for their newly established homes. It’s a pleasure to see and experience both their positive energy and eagerness to support families and individuals on their journeys toward stability. We’re even beginning to see familiar faces come back month after month to volunteer and raise awareness of Furniture Bank’s work in the community. Such a delight!

RBC Corporate Volunteer Day Highlights, April 22 2014

Helping Clients Select Furniture
Helping Clients Select Furniture
I always look forward to the satisfaction of helping someone - making a difference in someone's day. When you see the smiles on their faces, you know you've accomplished what you came here for!
RBC Volunteer
Team Chemisty in Action!
Team Chemistry in Action!
This experience has been an eye opener to appreciate all the little things we take for granted.
RBC Volunteer
It felt great seeing the appreciation of the clients and how enthusiastic they were about the process. I am very happy I volunteered my time today.
RBC Voluneer

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