20 Good Reasons to Pay for Your Furniture Removal [It’s worth it!]

  1. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve helped someone in need!

  2. You’re going to free up some much-needed space..and boy that feels good.

  3. You won’t have to lift a finger- we do all the heavy lifting for you!

  4. You’ll finesse your decluttering skills (practice makes progress!)

  5. You’ll save time!

  6. You’ll support your local charitable organization 

  7. You’ll have a great conversation starter for your neighbours (they will notice our truck, that’s for sure!)

  8. You’ll have an opportunity to meet our team and see what we do live!

  9. You will have a good reason to show off at family gatherings

  10. You’ll get a charitable tax receipt ( who doesn’t like the potential for a return come tax time?)

  11. You will feel good knowing you’ve kept items out of the landfill and into homes that need it most!

  12. You’ll earn bragging rights and can flex on social media!

  13. You’ll become a part of the circular economy (a very trendy thing right now!)

  14. You will feel good knowing your beloved furniture will serve other families 

  15. You’ll support us in creating new jobs for people within our community

  16. You won’t pay tax on our removal fee

  17. You’re going to reassure us that our work is important

  18. You will keep our staff employed- thanks for the support! 

  1. You can say you supported a growing social enterprise

  2. You might bring more meaning into your life- you help us help you help a family in need!

If there any reason you think we may have missed, then hire our removal service and tell us all about it!


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