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You have successfully de-cluttered your home, re-organized, and have made the decision to give away a few pieces of your gently used furniture! You want to get rid of your items pretty quickly but on the same token, you don’t want them to end up in a landfill. The good news is your items can be reused by a family with small children or by an individual in need. On top of that, you can support your local organization and its employees. If that’s what you’re looking for, Furniture Bank is the right place for you!

follow the steps from this video:

You’re on our website, already filling out the form to request a pickup.

You have shared your name, address, and contact details, and you are now starting to list your items for donation.

But wait.

How detailed should you be?
Do we need measurements of your items?
Will we ask for photos of your furniture?

The answer is: the more detailed you are, the quicker the process will be. Our service fee is based on your location and the number of items. We have restrictions regarding sizing (Have a read: Full list of what we accept and what we don’t). This includes dimensions of large items, or photos if you are unsure of how to classify something, or if you are concerned about its condition. Providing a detailed description of what you are looking to donate helps us provide you with a quote as soon as possible and helps us determine if your items are a right fit. And if they are, we can get the furniture out of your home as quickly as possible and into the homes that need it most!

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