Sales Coordinator – Mako [Meet Our Team]

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Working home

Hi, my name is Mako and I work in the sales department as a Donor Relations Associate here at Furniture Bank. My job is to assist donors interested in donating their gently used furniture for those in need.

When we first entered lockdown due to the pandemic, I was on a year long maternity leave. Aside from cancelled playdates and organizing fun indoor activities for my little ones, there weren’t many changes to my daily life. Upon returning to work, I saw how efficiently Furniture Bank implemented changes to allow for a safe environment for staff, clients, and volunteers.

The biggest challenge of working from home for me was creating a separation between work and home; trying to carve out a little space to work in my home that was already bursting at the seams. I was once given advice by a donor on how to do just that! Her advice was to get dressed as though you are heading into the office, leave home before starting your shift to get a coffee from your local cafe or just to get some fresh air. This advice really helps you get out of your home mindset and shift into gear.

Meet our Team

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. As a mother of two daughters under 3, with larger than life personalities, it’s never a dull moment!

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