Shaniece’s Story: From Client to Placement Student

I came to Furniture Bank because I was interested in helping clients in furnishing their new homes. I am student from Seneca College in the Social Service Work Program. I heard about Furniture Bank through a classmate and was intrigued by the stories I heard. I migrated to Canada in 2010 and experienced a few stumbling blocks and I myself had to turn to the Furniture Bank for assistance. The service I received was superb and I am very happy to be completing my placement here because I can assist a family just how I was assisted.  I started my placement September 2014 and so far it has been a tremendous journey.

My first day was very interesting as I learnt about the history of Furniture Bank and the process clients go through in order to get their appointments to come in for their furniture. I got the opportunity to assist clients in choosing items for their apartments. The building and the staff were very welcoming. At the end of the day I felt very positive because I knew I had helped the clients make a new start. I was excited to come back for my second day.

I have done client services which is basically showroom guiding where I assist clients in selecting their furniture’s, I have also had the opportunity of working in the sorting room where I sort donations that we receive on a daily basis.

My most memorable moment at Furniture Bank was when I had a worker who came in on behalf of the client and she disclosed to me that the client was going to be moving into a one bedroom attic apartment and was looking for a single bed that could be able to fit in a small space. Within 10 minutes of being on the showroom floor I was able to get the client a single bed that folds in half. The worker was super excited and so was I because I knew that I had made the worker and soon the client very happy!

If I could use three words to describe the Furniture Bank they would be Welcoming, Helpful and Great!

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