Showroom Guide Volunteer


  • Client Services volunteers greet clients and discuss the type and quantity of furniture required for their residence
  • Accompany clients on the floor for furniture selection. Keep clients advised of running cost as the appointment progresses (when needed)
  • Guiding clients through the furniture selection process and labelling the items selected
  • Overview list of chosen items and quantities with client before handing in iPad to ensure accuracy
  • Unpacking and sorting household items between serving clients
  • Volunteers may also be asked to help with administrative tasks as they arise


  • Client Services volunteer shifts are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30pm. The minimum requirement is once a week and donate 100 hours over a 6 month period. To serve clients, volunteers are scheduled weekly, based on day of commitment
  • Showroom Guide volunteers work mainly independently, to assist clients in choosing furniture for their accommodations
  • Matching labelled furniture to inventory list on ipad (Furniture is selected by using iPads and labels are placed on selected items. Printing the item name on the label)
  • Packing of selected housewares selected by client securely in boxes
  • Corporate Volunteer Engagement is a key component at Furniture Bank. The volunteer experience is highly engaging and impactful, creating short and long term benefits. When corporate groups are scheduled to volunteer, they can be paired with Client Service volunteers to showroom guide as a team
  • 1 to 1 interaction with visiting groups (corporate volunteers, media etc) including providing general information and answering questions about Furniture Bank
    Being a Furniture Bank ambassador to guests, and other potential volunteers who may shadow on occasion (during your showroom guiding shift)
  • Participate in training


Volunteers can expect to be scheduled once weekly for a minimum of one shift (8:30am to 12:30pm) over a Friday-Monday period (ex. Every Tuesday for 6 months)


  • Being able to begin the volunteer shift at 8:30 am, and stay the full 4 hour shift with us. Attend a 5 minute meeting at 8:45 am sharp

  • Patience, kindness, confidence and consideration of clients

  • Comfortable working with clients who do not speak English as their primary language

  • Maintaining composure and having a positive attitude in challenging situations

  • Fluency in English required

  • Must be 18 years +

  • Tech Savvy: Comfortable navigating an ipad and basic technology (training on SF1 provided however access to emails is required for volunteer communication)

  • Knowledge of diverse cultures, and challenges of the vulnerable populations we serve (including Formerly Homeless, those leaving Shelters, Newcomers, Refugees, Immigrants, Seniors, LGBTQ)

  • Ability to be standing/walking for a 4-hour shift on a concrete floor

  • Ability to follow directions and guidance of Client Services staff

  • Additional knowledge of languages is an asset