How to Be Green With Your Spring Clean

Spring in Toronto means enjoying warm sunshine, listening to birds chirping, watching the cherry blossoms, and of course, spring cleaning! You may be asking yourself, is there a way to be environmentally-friendly when spring cleaning? Absolutely! This blog post will help you manage your “waste” appropriately: re-use, recycle and re-purpose.

In its new report Zero Waste Toronto, Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) identified Furniture Bank as one of the innovative ways that Torontonians can reduce what they throw away. The report sets out a roadmap for how the city can utilize existing infrastructure and programs to achieve a zero waste future for Toronto.

Many of the organizations featured in the report along with other programs and initiatives in the city diverting waste from the landfill are great tools to have in your spring cleaning tool kit. Hopefully this list of re-use organizations gives you what you need to be more green when spring cleaning and other waste management chores.

Tool Library

At the Toronto Tool Library, members can borrow donated tools for both their home and community projects. Most of us only sporadically use tools so resource-sharing is an ideal alternative to purchasing and storing tools in limited spaces.

To donate your old tools laying around in your basement, garden shed or closet that you no longer need, visit one of Tool Library’s three locations and drop off during operating hours

  • Tool Library’s latest venture, The Sharing Depot, Toronto’s first library of things, is opening at 1803 Danforth Ave. in spring 2016. They are still in need of various items to fill up their children’s section, gaming section, sports equipment & camping sections and party supplies to share with the community.


Free Geek

Free Geek – If you have old computers, laptops, and printers, etc. that you no longer need or use, Free Geek will take your electronic leftovers. They refurbish computers and re-sell them at an accessible price to help low-income residents get connected.

You can drop off your donations to them directly at 180 Sudbury Street during hours of operationClick here to see a list of donation items they accept.

Green Standards

Green Standards – Doing spring cleaning at your office? Green Standards works with businesses to collect and redistribute office furniture, equipment, and supplies to local organizations, avoiding landfill waste and dumping costs.

To set up a donation pickup for your company contact them directly by phone (1-866-569-0355) or email at

Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline accepts gently used clothing, cloth based items, bedding, footwear and more. Click here for a full list of items that they accept. You can donate your items by dropping them off in drop off bins across the GTA. Or click here to get information about setting up a pickup.

Project Get Reel

Project Get Reel – Did you find some old VHS movies and floppy disks during your spring cleaning? There’s a recycling option for that too. Get Reel accepts and recycles components of VHS and other media tapes in order to recycle and divert from landfills.

For our ever evolving list of innovative organizations working towards a zero waste Toronto, check out our Waste Diversion List on Twitter.

If there are any other organizations you think should be included, please let us know by email at


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