5 Tips on Keeping Yourself (and Your Home) Organized for Spring Cleaning


‘5 Tips on Keeping Yourself (and your home) Organized for Spring Cleaning’

Guest  post by Rachael Kalinsky, Order in the House

Although it may just start feeling like it, winter 2016 is a thing of the past for us here in Toronto. Warm breezes, longer days and budding tulips are a welcome seasonal change. However, the dreaded cleaning that’s synonymous with spring is fast approaching and we’re forced to squeeze it onto our ever growing to do lists.

Often breaking down a process makes the task at hand not seem so overwhelming, so we’ve created 5 tips on keeping yourself (and your home) organized so you can get a head start on your spring cleaning.

  1. Prepare Your Organizing Tools:  Just like any project or recipe we need the necessary tools or ingredients before we can get started – the same goes for getting organized. Here are our key ingredients to have on hand: black garbage bags, blue recycle bags, clear bags/box for items to donate, two boxes for your “maybe bin” and “relocate bin,” and a roll of masking tape and sharpie for labeling.
  2. Start From the Bottom Up: Cleaning and organizing your storage rooms first will be beneficial when you’re making your way through the rest of the house. For example, the Christmas décor you have yet to put away, old photos you may find while sifting through drawers and cupboards will have a better chance of being put away properly if your storage space is already organized. 
  3. Pick One Room at a Time: In order to avoid unfinished jobs, focus on one room (even one section of a room) at a time – keeping only the items you need or love. This will make the whole process feel less daunting.
  4. Make One Trip: As you organize each room, you’ll no doubt find items that belong in different areas of the house.  Sort your possessions into their designated spaces within the room your organizing, and place all items that belong elsewhere into your “relocate bin” to be put away after. This will save you the frustration of leaving your current task and getting overwhelmed in another area of your home. 
  5. Deal with it now. Once you’ve de-cluttered and set up systems for where things belong, it’s important to get into the habit of always putting things back. It only takes a second to hang your keys as you walk in the door, put away the clean laundry, or put the kids books/toys back on the shelf. Doing it right away will save you time in the long run and eliminate that overwhelming feeling that occurs when things start to pile up.

Find your own pace when working, even if it means taking it one drawer or cupboard a day. Just because it’s called Spring Cleaning, doesn’t mean it has to happen within that window of time!

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