The Gift of Ikea Grusblad

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122 Families receive the comfort of a new IKEA duvet!

Melissa Mirowski (Head of Sustainability) and Annalee Sawiak, founder of Furniture Link Inc. organized a tour of the Furniture Bank facility in Etobicoke for Andrew Losier, Cynthia Chau, Haroon Azam, and Lijiao-Crace Zhang ) to demonstrate how social enterprises like Furniture Bank are playing an unsung role in the circular economy by managing reuse and poverty reduction at the same time. 

While on the tour, Annalee shared her dream that every child coming through a Furniture Bank would leave with not only a mattress but also bedding to make them feel safe and comfortable. Haroon Azam of IKEA (Sustainability Business Partner) said that he could make a part of that dream come true and organized a donation of 187 duvets. (Gallery below)

Over ten days of service gifts from donors across the Greater Toronto Area created homes from empty housing.
For the fortunate few, IKEA’s donation of duvets came at a very welcome time. These families in addition to warm duvets received:

  • Over 2035 items of furniture reuse and repurposed in the community.
  • Over $140,000 of free furniture provided to families from Furniture Bank donors (not sold).
  • Delivery by 30 Furniture Bank trucks trips a total of 26,700 cubic feet of furniture moved into homes! 
  • In support of over 40 community agencies including:
    • Albion Neighbourhood Services, Birkdale Residence, CAMH, CAST, Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, Cornerstone Place, COSTI, Cota,  Dixon Hall, Neighbourhood Services, Eva’s Place, Fife House,  Fred Victor,  Homes First Society, Homes First Society, Native Child and Family Services of Toro,  Native Men’s Residence, PARC, Romero House, Salvation Army Gateway Shelter, Seaton House, Sistering,  Sojourn House, Streets to Homes,  The 519, and Community Services Women’s Residence

Meet Sarah

Sarah was a former Furniture Bank client who shared with us what life without furniture is really like. At the time Sarah allowed us to record what furniture, including items from IKEA can do to create home.

My boys and I truly appreciate, that huge blessings can come in the smallest kindness like thinking of others in need. Thank you IKEA, and keep up the good work and know that we are having a cozy night because you did this. Thank you again.


She had a flood this December, and was in the building this morning replacing her damaged furniture.  Some of the last GRUSBLAD went to her two boys! 

Happy children with Grusblad

We ran out in days across Toronto

Grusblad delivery locations on map

Gift of Grusblad gallery

Thank you IKEA for the support!

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our customers' words

In our Customers’ Words

We’d like to start off by saying how very grateful we are for our outstanding customers! At the end of the day,