Toronto Housing Prices Soaring


Guest post by Ken Mazurek

I am a real-estate agent right here in the city of Toronto.

The work isn’t always stress-free, but I love what I do. Helping people buy a home, sometimes their first homes, bringing families together and helping them realize the dream of home ownership is an amazing feeling! I like to think I play a small part in building communities and having a positive impact on the lives of people who entrust me to help them with this big decision. I am honored by the role I get to play in the process and in my client’s lives.

As you may have heard, housing prices in Toronto have been soaring, which in turn, creates some challenges to someone in my line of work. That being said, the challenges that I face pale in comparison to the ones experienced by many families who are struggling financially. Toronto is the greatest city on earth, but it is also true that the struggles of affordable housing in the GTA are all too real for far too many people. Even families who manage to fight their way out of dislocation and into a house, are often overwhelmed by the challenges in properly furnishing and creating a well-supplied home for them and their family members.

That is why my colleagues and I at Johnston & Daniel a Division of Royal LePage Real Estate Services, proudly support Furniture Bank. Furniture Bank’s solution of transferring gently used furniture from a donor to someone in need, not only keeps quality furniture off the curb and out of landfill, but it also helps rebuild a recipients’ dignity and self-worth. It is the first step on the path toward of true independence for many of these individuals and families.

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