How Volunteering Gives Diane Purpose

Volunteer Diane


Have you ever had a volunteer experience that changed your life?

As a charity and social enterprise, Furniture Bank is fortunate to play the backdrop for many of these “life changing” volunteer moments.

What inspires us is the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, both inside and outside our building, like Diane.


Going above and beyond

Diane is a client services volunteer at Furniture Bank. She’s also the chair of the Refugee Support Ministry at her Church.

Here’s how she goes above and beyond to help refugees comfortably settle:

Our Ministry aims to sponsor one family or individual every year. Our goal is to integrate them into Canadian society. It begins at the airport where we welcome the families. They are then taken to their apartment which has been furnished and completely equipped by us ahead of time. This also includes food.

Within one week, they will have their OHIP and SIN cards. We help family members enroll in school, get medical needs addressed and provide them with appropriate clothing for the season. We take them on outings, have birthday parties and support with their financial needs.

I have been doing this for 13 years. At the beginning  of each sponsorship I can spend up to 40 hours per week but It has truly enriched my life.  I have learned so much from people from other lands. We have formed lifelong friendships.


at Furniture Bank

I had a client that I adored and she happened to choose a set of dishes that I brought in that morning to donate. I told her that I loved to cook and they were my dishes. We hugged and she said “this is true sisterhood.”

Volunteers like Diane are crucial in helping charities achieve their missions. And charities help volunteers discover their purpose and live out their passions.


You can find one that’s right for you using online volunteer directories like:

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Furniture Bank click here.

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