Warehouse Supervisor – Jordan [Meet Our Team]

Working home

My name is Jordan Shears and I am the warehouse Supervisor.

Our Daily Tasks in the warehouse include:

  • Keeping the warehouse a safe and fun environment to work in
  • Making sure that all our client orders are staged
  • Making sure our showroom is nice and clean
  • Recycling our old electronics and furniture
  • Keeping track of all inventory 
  • My goal at the end of the day is to make sure that all jobs are completed, warehouse is cleaned up, our recycling area is emptied and that the warehouse space is ready for tomorrow’s jobs.

Our warehouse has changed a lot since COVID-19 but I must say our team has adapted very well.

One of our biggest changes was shutting down our drop-offs. They were open between 9-12 Monday to Friday and we always had a lineup of cars dropping off furniture.

We used to have our clients come into our showroom to select their own furniture and now we have volunteers selecting on their behalf.

When incoming furniture arrived at our warehouse, we would bring it straight to the showroom. Now we must quarantine the furniture for 48 hours before they can be selected for clients.

Furniture Bank Meet Our Team

After work, I’m a full time father to my 2-month old son Riley. Before COVID started, l enjoyed playing hockey and scoring goals! I played in a league and we usually had games 3 times a week so that kept me really busy. On days I wasn’t playing hockey, you could find me in the gym working out or playing some video games at home. Another passion of mine is fishing! I’ll usually go out for an hour or 2 after work if I have the time.

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