All the Way From China to Volunteer at Furniturebank

Best Friends Gena Cui and Langer Wang talk about why they Volunteer at Furniture Bank

“We are second year undergraduate students at University of Toronto: Gena is specialized in management and I am majoring in chemistry. We are roommates and close friends, whom always share good things in different scopes of our student lives, and the experience of serving at FurnitureBank together is definitely the most valuable and meaningful one that we share together.

Both of us have been seeking opportunities to give back to our community with a helping hand. After volunteering at Furniture Bank, we find that what we gain is much more than what we give out. We spend time volunteering here, but in return we earn a supporting and respective relationship with the other volunteers. We give our patience to help Furniture Bank’s clients, but in return they teach us many life lessons. We give our smiles to clients and in return they show us a positive attitude of fighting back to life challenges. We learn so much, such as helping clients to choose their furniture, communicating with different people, and even the names of different furniture items!

Furniture Bank provides us with a great opportunity to help others, and also to help us to improve our personal skills. I am so appreciate of Gena who found this wonderful place to do volunteer and asked me to join here”



我们是多伦多大学大二的学生:Gena学的是管理专业,Langer学的是化学以及健康与疾病专业。我们是室友兼好友,在日常生活中,我们常分享大学生活中大家各自遇到的不同的事情:然而在Furniture Bank 帮助贫困的人找到心仪的家具,是我们认为一起分享做的最有价值和最有意义的事情。秉持着一颗回报社会的心态, 我们一直想找到合适的渠道可以帮助需要帮助的人。自从开始在Furniture Bank 开始做义工之后,我们发现我们的回报是多于付出的。在这里做义工, 我们遇到了很多令人尊敬,乐于助人的义工朋友们;我们耐心地帮助人们,却也从他们身上学会了很多生活的道理;微笑地服务客户,我们学会了如何面对人生的挑战。我们学会了很多,例如如何帮客户选择合适心仪的家具,如何与不同的人交流,甚至是记住不同家具的英文。Furniture Bank 给我们提供了一个很好的平台,让我们可以去帮助我们的客户以及提升我们的个人社交技能。

我真的很高兴Gena可以找到这个做义工的好地方,且庆幸Gena可以叫上我一起来做。当我第一次听到Furniture Bank的时候, 我觉得这是一个非常专业的做义工的组织,但是我不确定它是否值得我花时间来做这件事情。但是当我加入了这个大家庭了之后,我发现这个机会真的很难得。当我帮助客户选到了他们想要的家具,他们那满足,轻松,快乐的笑脸留给了我很深的印象。他们让我感觉我做了一件很美好的事情,因为我们在帮助他们建立他们的家。在这里做义工,是一件非常值得我去花更多的时间和精力去做的事。 Langer

Furniture bank 是一个很鼓励人心的地方,所以每次去的时候我都会不自觉得面带微笑,觉得很开心。在这里我看到了人与人之间的相互尊敬,相互理解,和爱。很难相信,我们小小的善意会给别人的生活带来如此之大的影响。我也学到了很多,关于贫困的人们是如何积极努力地继续生活下去,并且这种学习将会继续。我真的很开心加入了这个组织,并且我也很庆幸遇到了这么多友善的人。 Gena

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